Station12’s team combines operational, investment and advising experience, giving us a unique and deep understanding of the Sports, Entertainment and Knowledge sectors. We have worked across television, advertising, music and film, as well as leading investments in these sectors, together with gaming, sports, live events and theatre.

The Sports, Entertainment and Knowledge market is global and being rapidly transformed by technology and changing consumer behaviour.  We want to work with the best companies and talent to drive this change and create value for our partners, investee companies and investors.

Investment focus

Station12's focus lies within the Sports, Entertainment and Knowledge sectors. The UK is a market leader in these sectors which is demonstrated by it being the source of some of the most successful and powerful franchises and intellectual property in the world. 

Our sectors are extensive and far reaching from content production and delivery, live events, enabling technologies, talent, esports/gaming, knowledge and innovation through to advertising and marketing services.

These are valuable and significant sectors of the UK economy and sectors in which UK companies have a very strong track record of innovation and success. By 2023, the UK’s entertainment and media market worth is projected to reach £80.5bn *.

Station12 will seek Investee Companies with clear strategies, significant potential to grow and deliver enhanced capital returns through selling products or services that customers want to pay for. For these investments, the focus will be on businesses that

have a demonstrated proof of concept and are already generating revenues, or there is a clear pathway to revenues, breakeven and long-term profitability and capable of significant scale when supported by investment. Investments may be made into pure startups, some of which may be succession startups. Investments are likely to be predominantly, but not exclusively, in the UK.

Station12 finds opportunities through its networks, use of market intelligence and a team deep in operational and investment experience. Using a tailored investment philosophy designed to deliver high growth returns, we are raising funds to take advantage of our proprietary pipeline. We invite you to become an investor in this vibrant and exciting sector.


Key team members

Patrick Bradley - Managing Director

Patrick has over 30 years of Media and Entertainment experience in music, film, TV and investment. He is a lawyer by background and has spent the majority of his career working operationally in the sector, then subsequently as an advisor and investor. He has managed investments across the sector, including in music publishing, TV production and distribution, live events, computer games and marketing services.

Debbie Manners - Investment Director

Debbie has over 25 years of experience at a senior level in both large broadcasting organisations as well as smaller companies in the independent sector.

Debbie’s previous roles include Director of Rights and Business Affairs at the BBC, Director of Rights for Flextech TV, Chair of PACT, Commercial Director at RDF, COO of Hattrick, CEO of Keo Films and Senior Investment Director at an EIS provider charged with developing a new venture fund.

Debbie also has experience of setting up and running two restaurants.

Fabio La Franca - Investment Director

Fabio La Franca has 14 years’ experience in corporate finance and investment management. He is also an Expert and Rapporteur at the European Commission for the Horizon2020 £80 billion programme and a member of the European Innovation Council. He was the Investment Manager at Creative England before joining Station 12. Fabio was previously the CFO in Residence at Telefonica’s accelerator, Wayra, is a mentor at various tech accelerators in London, an accredited Growth Coach and a Tech London Advocate. Fabio previously worked in corporate development at Viacom, EMI Music Publishing and Channel 4. Fabio is an FCA at the ICAEW having qualified with PWC and holds an MBA from the University of Exeter.

Investment opportunities

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Example portfolio companies

Parade Media – Content Production and Distribution (

Parade Media is a producer and distributor of premium lifestyle and factual entertainment to a global audience. 

Founded by Matt Ashcroft, formerly of Shine, Parade works with leading producers and broadcasters around the world, leveraging off the continual demand for new content. 

The company represents over 35 production companies with approximately 1,700 hours of real-life entertainment content and continues to invest for growth.  It is currently expanding its operations into production of content, thereby, allowing it to capture a larger part of the value creation.  

COVID-19 has been extremely disruptive to programme production; however, Parade’s customers – the broadcasters and streamers – are still hungry for content and they now have an urgent need for acquired content to replace planned commissioned programming.  This provides Parade with a wider market for its newest shows and a great opportunity to re-license some older shows in the catalogue.  Parade is profit generating. 

InSport – Sports & Education (

InSport Education is an international sports business school. 

InSport Education delivers practitioner-lead, immersive, short-form learning experiences targeted at ambitious students and executives in sport and business.  Programmes are designed to complement the existing plethora of long-form Masters, post-grad and under-grad courses in sport and business.  There is a gap, and appetite, for short, sharp executive education that provides practical, real-world, contextual learning and a growing need for ‘employability’ in education, i.e. a direct correlation between learning practical skills and resultant enhancement of career opportunity and progression.

Although current market conditions are challenging, the company has evolved quickly with a pivot to on-line delivery.  The growth of on-line education during the pandemic has been significant and the company anticipates that the sector will continue to grow as on-line learning becomes the ‘norm’, underpinned by an increased demand for professional learning.  Furthermore, universities and HEIs are facing huge challenges in the delivery of student education over the next 6-12 months and will be forced to outsource a considerable volume of specialist content to third parties.  

InSport Education has recently appointed Lord Moynihan to the board and is building a strong position to take advantage of this sector growth.

The company is revenue generating. 

WhyBuy (Download the app at

WhyBuy is an app that allows people to access and rent items on demand for the lengths of time they want, without any of the complications of long term contracts or hassle surrounding deliveries.

You can rent from 100’s of items for short periods and they will deliver and collect in specified time slots.  

Categories include: Baby, Car, Cleaning, Games, Garden, Home, Kids, Kitchen, Moving, Office, Outdoors, Party, Sports, Tech and Tools

Why buy when you can rent BETTER for LESS?

• WhyBuy will allow consumers to have items delivered for short periods at a time of their choosing

• Why buy a high quality drill for £150 that will sit in a cupboard for 364 days a year when you can access one for £25 for 48 hours?

• Rent a tent from £8, a fondue set from £18

• Buying the cheap alternative results in devices being thrown out after limited use

• Consumers want to be able to access items for brief periods

• High quality, top-of-the-range brands can be provided at a fraction of ownership cost

Eliminates issues with owning items:

• Storage and clutter

• Maintenance

• Cost

• Quality

The company launched in June serving the area within the M25 and is now looking for further seed funding to scale up before Series A later this year.

Investments offered

  • EIS
  • VC