Fuel Ventures Scale-Up EIS Fund

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Entrepreneurial-driven fund led by multi-exit entrepreneurs and advisors
  • Evergreen
    Closing Date
  • Technology
  • EIS
    Fund type
  • £20,000
    Min. Investment

This fund will carry on with the goal of investing in early stage businesses’ seed rounds. The Fund will also continue to invest in the rapidly growing sectors such as marketplaces, software and transactional businesses. Fuel Ventures seeks to work with entrepreneurs and their teams to support the companies and their growth. We believe we have the expertise, experience and skill set to identify and help build valuable, innovative, and lasting businesses. By identifying and investing in such companies, I believe the Fund can deliver exceptional returns to the Fund’s investors.


  • Market leaders - We invest in market leading companies with the potential to deliver a minimum of 10x returns.
  • 40+ companies since 2015 - We’ve invested £75m+ in over 40 early-stage companies since 2015.
  • All under one roof - We provide hands-on support and value add to our portfolio.
  • Proven track record - We have a proven track record of successfully scaling tech companies.
  • Seed to pre-series A - We invest from seed to pre-series A & deploy follow-on capital to our winners.
  • 300+ companies a month - We’ve built a significant pipeline of deals and we select the most promising ventures.

Investment strategy

Outlined below is the Investment Manager and Investment Adviser’s four-stage approach used in identifying a potential Investee Company.

  • Identification: building on research carried out by the Fuel Ventures team, utilising their existing high profile and network of alumni and contacts from previous investments, Fuel Ventures (acting as the Investment Adviser) will identify earlystage start-ups primarily in the UK. All identified opportunities will be evaluated against investment criteria set by Fuel Ventures before moving to the discovery stage.
  • Discovery: The Fund seeks to invest in people as much as ideas. The informal and subjective discovery process provides the Investment Adviser and Investment Manager with the opportunity to understand not only the company founders but also how Fuel Ventures will be able to support the growth of the company.
  • Evaluation: Once passed the discovery stage, Fuel Venture’s evaluation process tests the assumptions of the company plans. This is coupled with a due diligence process carried out by Fuel Ventures as part of the Investment Advisory Services, across key aspects of a potential investees business and its key employees.
  • Investment: Recommend investment advice is presented by Fuel Ventures, in their capacity as the Investment Adviser to the Investment Manager, in order to allow the Investment Manager to review and to decide on proposed investments.

Portfolio companies

Key team

Mark Pearson - Founder & Managing Partner

Mark is an award winning digital entrepreneur having achieved multiple successful exits over the last decade. Mark takes an active role in mentoring the Fund's portfolio of companies.

Jing Xu - Partner

Jing has extensive experience working with international investors and key Asian markets. Jing manages relationships with Chinese investors and Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa clients.

Michael Burnett - Partner

Michael has extensive experience and a prominent background in managing international investor relationships. Michael heads up Business Development/ Investor relations and supports the portfolio companies with growth plans including follow on investment.

Exit strategy

The Fund—via the Investment Adviser–seeks to assist the Investee Companies to build products and services people want and need, helping them grow internationally and increase in value for potential acquisition or listing opportunities.

The expected holding period of most investments will be between the minimum three years for tax conditions and up to ten years. The recommend holding period for an Investor is ten years. However, it is noted that Investee Companies may be held for longer periods. It is also noted that following the realisation of the Qualifying Shares in each Investee Company, the realisation proceeds will be paid to the Investors. Consequently, it is possible that Investors will receive distributions from the Fund over a period of time.

News and insights


The attention of Investors is drawn to the information set out in Risk Factors section of the IM which sets out the principal risk factors associated with an investment in the Fund.

The tax treatment referred to in the IM depends on the individual circumstances of each Investor and may be subject to change in future. In addition, the availability of any tax reliefs depends on the Investee Companies maintaining their Qualifying Company status.


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